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Journey from a Point to Geometry series #14

LostCIty 2, Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2008

The radial form, which has as its centre a point of origin, is the manisfestation of a long preponderence with the aleph in my work. Just as the aleph - a stroke, an alphabet, a culture - is as extension of a point, the point serves as a symbol for unity and source for me. In geometry, the point is the centre of a circle. It is elusive and yet has the ability to generate forms. The circle is eternal and symbolises the origin and the end of both geometric and biomorphic form. It is the primary cosmological symbol which also represents wholeness and unity. The idea of the unity that geometry suggests is what I want to express in my art - that is the balance of the material and the spiritual world. The material 
world is everthing that we live in. On the other hand, the spiritual world is intangible. My interpretation of the point is that of a journey. I use the circle as a metaphor for my journey which is a process of discovery.

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